We need to protect net neutrality now!

If you are not a technologist please just hang on a second because this is important for you too. So what is net neutrality in a nut shell? It’s making sure that all users have an open and consistent access to resources on the internet. The internet is essentially just a platform that delivers data to your computer. Your ISP ( cable company, telco) controls the flow of data to your house because they sit directly between you and the internet.


What net neutrality is proposing is that we make sure that all resources on the internet are treated equally so that nothing is given precedence over anything else. This is really important for start ups and small businesses.

To draw an analogy what would happen if a law was passed allowing power companies to set special prices for certain devices. So a Samsung fridge what cost less per kilowatt hour to run than a GE or something. This would be terrible because it skews the market unfairly. However this is the sort of thing that would happen if net neutrality is lost.

Some of the proposals in the past:

Some of the things that have already either have been tried or proposed are

Internet Fast Lanes: Essentially this means that some resources would be faster to access than others. For instance google search would return quicker and would load faster than other search providers.

Data Content throttling: This is where an ISP will monitor their users and if they see someone streaming video or using other high bandwidth applications they will downgrade their connection to a slower connection. The reasoning is that supposedly they say they are trying to save on bandwidth. The actual reasoning is terrible and convoluted I won’t go into it here but you could read this : FCC can’t stop throttling

Internet Channels: There has been some discussion in the past and proposals to set up the internet in such a way where there would be certain premium websites you would have to subscribe to (almost like cable television channels) and then other sites would just be at a degraded bandwidth.

The current issue:

The problem right now is with the FCC reclassifying the internet as an information service rather than a telecommunication service. The FCC wrote a great article so I will let them tell the story. DEAR FCC: WE SEE THROUGH YOUR PLAN TO ROLL BACK REAL NET NEUTRALITY

They also created a site to contact the FCC about your concerns. I recommend you use it.

Dear FCC


Psexec is so much cooler than I thought

I had to do a little project a work and I have used psexec before but never really looked into it a whole lot. The issue is that we normally just xcopy stuff out and then execute it remotely with psexec. In my defense I came up with that looking through other peoples code.

As many are aware with recently vulnerabilities we need to shut down admin shares. So I was bummed out that these scripts would no longer work and then boom. SS64 PSEXEC

-c         Copy the program (command)to the remote system for execution.

Like what!!! How did I never notice this before. That will teach me to not read documentation.

P.S. I really need to switch to powershell, but batch is so much fun

Friday Fun Shave

So I am going to start this monthly thing called Friday Fun Shave where I do just a shave for fun with some new kind of product. Really just for enjoyment not to really get a close shave or something.

The New Thing

Stirling Soap : Iced Pineapple

Stirling soap iced pineapple

So every time you order something from Stirling they include free samples of something. In my last order I got this Iced Pineapple soap. I had been saving it for when it got warm because it has menthol in it. So today is the day people.

The Hardware:

Brush: Vie-long lord Randall mixed knot


Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89


Blade: Astra SP

The Lather:

Like all Stirling soaps this loaded and lathered nicely and has a really great pineapple scent. I had no problem making a thick lather with this soap. The cooling menthol was really neat. I didn’t know if I would like it or not. However it didn’t linger too long so it wasn’t like I spent the whole day with my face tingling. Stirling has a whole line of mentholated products so now I am itching to try more.

The New, The Fabulous, Doza Does It

I tried to make a serious blog but I decided I really don’t want to do serious stuff. I do serious stuff all day long so this is just for fun. occasionally I might write a more serious article but it will probably be more just frivolous crap. because you know what the Internet is full of crap so what is a little more.