Friday Fun Shave

So I am going to start this monthly thing called Friday Fun Shave where I do just a shave for fun with some new kind of product. Really just for enjoyment not to really get a close shave or something.

The New Thing

Stirling Soap : Iced Pineapple

Stirling soap iced pineapple

So every time you order something from Stirling they include free samples of something. In my last order I got this Iced Pineapple soap. I had been saving it for when it got warm because it has menthol in it. So today is the day people.

The Hardware:

Brush: Vie-long lord Randall mixed knot


Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89

Blade: Astra SP

The Lather:

Like all Stirling soaps this loaded and lathered nicely and has a really great pineapple scent. I had no problem making a thick lather with this soap. The cooling menthol was really neat. I didn’t know if I would like it or not. However it didn’t linger too long so it wasn’t like I spent the whole day with my face tingling. Stirling has a whole line of mentholated products so now I am itching to try more.


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