I am a bibliophile. Although sometimes I think I collect and skim through more books than I actually read cover to cover. These lists are in no particular order. I think it will be pretty clear by these lists that Spirituality, Pagan history and Theology are my primary focus, The rest is Science and technology.

Books I am reading

  • Prelude To Foundation – Asimov
  • Creative Mythology – Campbell

Books I read and loved

  • Grimoire of the Thorn Blooded Witch – Grimassi
  • Old Wold Witchcraft – Grimassi
  • Witchcraft a Mystery Tradition -Grimassi
  • Communing with the Ancestors -Grimassi
  • Initiation Into Hermetics -Bardon
  • Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie -Levi
  • Everyday Witchcraft -Blake
  • 1984 -Orwell
  • Watership Down -Adams
  • Free as in Freedom -Stallman
  • Pale Blue Dot -Sagan
  • Reality -Kingsly
  • Particle at the end of the universe -Carroll

Books I want to read next

  • Foundation -Asimov
  • le morte d’arthur -Malory
  • Hamlets mill -Santillana
  • The Golen Bough -Frazer ( The Abridged Edition… I only got one lifetime people )