Stuff you should read

People do not understand how scary their phones are. I see people doing all kinds of crazy stuff on them. If you are going to use your phone as your every day computer then you should at least know about what it’s doing to you. Take a read of the link below.

Problems With Mobile Phones


Psexec is so much cooler than I thought

I had to do a little project a work and I have used psexec before but never really looked into it a whole lot. The issue is that we normally just xcopy stuff out and then execute it remotely with psexec. In my defense I came up with that looking through other peoples code.

As many are aware with recently vulnerabilities we need to shut down admin shares. So I was bummed out that these scripts would no longer work and then boom. SS64 PSEXEC

-c         Copy the program (command)to the remote system for execution.

Like what!!! How did I never notice this before. That will teach me to not read documentation.

P.S. I really need to switch to powershell, but batch is so much fun

The New, The Fabulous, Doza Does It

I tried to make a serious blog but I decided I really don’t want to do serious stuff. I do serious stuff all day long so this is just for fun. occasionally I might write a more serious article but it will probably be more just frivolous crap. because you know what the Internet is full of crap so what is a little more.