Working on my page

Really loving the freedom of my WordPress. But it needs some work to make it more readable and pretty. I also think I am going to do a post on the benefits and ease of using WordPress. I think amidst the facebook exodus people don’t realize there are other compelling options out there.



as I shoveled this morning I stopped to watch the sun come down through the trees to gently melt the snow. Which fell in tiny snow showers in the sunlight. And I thought. “This world is so beautiful that unless you lived to actually see it, you would never believe such beauty could actually exist.”

Which E-reader should you get

I tried some ereaders and platforms. Hopefully this post will save you a lot of time.


an ereader is basically useless without a platform for it to install books from. Without a platform you are essentially side loading books. It becomes very complicated because with DRM you will be signing up for adobe DRM accounts and the like. side loading books from a store that you purchased if very from ideal. So I suggest first of all you pick an ereader that is tied to a ebook store of some kind.

Kobo rating: 4-stars.jpeg


Kobo does a good job with their store layout. It’s very uncluttered. Also a big mark in their favor is that they offer books in multiple formats. Epub, PDF. This will allow you to switch between platforms if you really want without to much fuss at all. If you want to go to a non Kobo reader it’s no problem as long as you use Adobe DRM you can save them to your computer and side  load them to any reader that supports PDF or EPub. For me where things fell apart is that they just don’t have the selection of other stores. also if you want magazines/newspapers the selection is fairly limited. It’s a fine store if your primary focus is books. If you want to venture outside of that is where you will start to be limited. However you never have to be tied to just Kobo if you have a non-Kobo reader. Another notch in their belt is they do a good job at providing information about your reading habits. you can find out how long it’s going to take to get to the end of the chapter or the end of the book right in the app. It’s kind of helpful. Do I have enough time on break to get into this next chapter or should I save it for later?

Kindle rating: 4-stars.jpeg


It’s really hard to rate something that is so synonymous with ebooks. I have attempted to not rate things against it but let it sit among it’s peers. I don’t like the layout of this store very much. There is just too much text and menus everywhere for me. However the selection is top notch. One big criticism I have is that all of these books are in proprietary AZW format. No epubs here so you are either stuck with a kindle or a tablet with the kindle app installed.

Barnes and Noble rating: 4-stars.jpeg


I really like the layout of the nook store and I like some of their reader tools like Readouts. I have a similar criticism to kindle here. They are using some kind of epub but there is no way to download it. So again you are stuck with either a nook reader or a nook app on a tablet. No side loading on to their party readers.


Tablet VS E-Ink

If all you are going to do is read books then I strongly suggest e-ink. It has unparalleled battery life, readability, and device life. An e-ink device because it is simple and performs a very basic function could be usable for years and years. However if reading beyond the ebooks in the provided library is something you want to do be warned. PDF reading is very clunky, magazine reading is similarly clunky on these devices. page refreshes are slow and pictures are grainy and are drawn poorly. Most e-ink devices suffer from previous images or text being left when the pages are turned. So you have some hazing when reading magazines or PDF files.

If you would like to go beyond books into magazines, multimedia, and PDF files then a tablet is a must. A tablet will have faster page refresh rates, better image reproduction, and can play video and do web browsing.  However a tablet will not last as well as the hardware quickly gets antiquated and basic functions become painful.

My favorite tablet

Kindle Fire:

I want to like the kindle fire but it’s such a pain in the neck. It’s slow, I find that it’s slow even when reading a book. I also really don’t like the display for reading. there is just something about how it displays text that I don’t like all that much. I will say I was using the 5th generation so things might have improved. The other thing I didn’t like is that there is no google play store. So you are stuck with Kindle apps unless you hack together google play. Even when I tried the hack some apps just didn’t work from google play.

Nook ereader 7

I have much the same problem with this as I do the kindle fire it’s slow. However it does have google play so I was able to run both nook, kindle and kobo apps on there which allows me to shop around for ebooks a bit. I like this display for reading a bit more than the Kindle fire 5th Gen screen. Although I like it no where near as much as an e-ink for reading.


For my money I like the nook ereader. because to me my ereader doesn’t replace having physical books. I use it for magazines, PDF files some light web browsing and those times where you just cannot wait for a book. The only books I tend to buy are those that are cheap, I am only going to read once, and that I don’t want to wait on. I suggest people leave room in their life for the real books. I don’t think you could get a tablet in the range of these kindle and nook devices that would actually work as good as they do. However if you are more in the market for a tablet spend a bit more and get a real tablet.

happy reading!




Stop conflating peoples Religion with mental illness!

Over the past several week there have been stories in the news of children being injured or killed at the hands of their parents. In these cases as in others the parents religious or perceived religious beliefs have been conflated with their actions.

Brockton mother killed children during ‘ritual incident,’ prosecutor says

Two sisters charged with torturing girl, 5, and boy, 8, in alleged voodoo rituals in East Bridgewater

First I will say that in all religions there are people with mental illness. They occasionally do things that are very unfortunate but consistent with their mental illness. Sometimes these things take the shape of seeming religious ritual. However their religion really has nothing to do with it other than it’s an aspect of their life that is also being effected by their mental illness.

However the media likes to sensationalize this idea and so peoples only experience of religions like Vudo is of people getting murdered in “rituals”. This runs totally counter to what is the normal in the Vudo community. You have kind loving people raising their families and taking care of their community. Then every now and then someone with a mental illness hurts someone and suddenly the entire Vudo community gets hamstrung with it.

In the other case the Woman was clearly delusional but reporters have no problem with calling what she was doing as ritual. I take issue with this completely from an anthropological perspective. This was not a devotional act tied to a system of religious belief. This was a desperate act by someone who has a mental illness. Stop mixing the two together. For it to have been a ritual then it would have had to have been a structured or practice act of religious belief.

The problems with these articles is that they breed fear among people of majority faiths against minority faiths that they don’t know much about. They might start thinking that all Vudu practitioners are dangerous or that all Witches are dangerous. These reporters need to make sure they are absolutely clear when dealing with minority faiths. That these kinds of acts are absolutely not consistent with these forms of religions. That this is a fringe case. We should have heard more voices of the people in the Vudo community in the article. In the case of the other women there wasn’t anyone to interview because her ideas were totally imagined.

I would ask people of majority faiths please when you hear stories like this try to keep everything in perspective. Try to do some research if possible or reach out to people from these faiths if you need a better understanding. Then hopefully these incidents will become opportunities for dialog rather than stoking peoples fears.

On Leaving Facebook, why you should too

What facebook was and what it’s become:

I joined facebook about 6 years ago. back then it was a pretty simple site. there was chat and the feed. The primary point of having facebook was to keep up with what your friends were doing, coordinate get togethers, and post the occasional funny video. The only people on facebook were your immediate friends and it was more or less a casual atmosphere.

The Fall:

Over time the advertisers came in. Then all of our parents and employers. Facebook instituted this policy where they were cracking down on making sure profiles were not anonymous. there was a huge drive to monetizing the platform. Along with all this came news outlets and businesses just ready to annoy the hell out of everyone.

The Experiments:

Facebook in their wisdom tried experimenting on their users to see if they could manipulate their moods. There was a lot of outrage but few people left. Facebook has also tried several experiments to try and fix their news feeds and to try and get people to interact that would not normally do so.

Where we are at:

At this point my feed is essentially a huge mess of inspiration quotes and complaining. There is post after post of political mumbojumbo from totally disreputable sources. The comments laden with hateful, ignorant arguments that are more shouting than constructive conversations. People who in normal social contexts would get along fine are now total jerks who I can barely stand.


For months I would only log in to check one or two things that I regularly monitor but I would always get dragged into something that annoyed me.  The one day I though “why the hell is this site holding me hostage? Why am I on a site that makes me angry and annoyed when there are better ways to talk to my friends? Ways that are more personal and more social then a damn website?”

So just like that out of the blue I left. I have my blog for random musings which I am planning on using more now that I am off facebook. And I also have more time to actually do stuff I care about not to mention not being annoyed multiple times a day by the stuff I was reading.



Psexec is so much cooler than I thought

I had to do a little project a work and I have used psexec before but never really looked into it a whole lot. The issue is that we normally just xcopy stuff out and then execute it remotely with psexec. In my defense I came up with that looking through other peoples code.

As many are aware with recently vulnerabilities we need to shut down admin shares. So I was bummed out that these scripts would no longer work and then boom. SS64 PSEXEC

-c         Copy the program (command)to the remote system for execution.

Like what!!! How did I never notice this before. That will teach me to not read documentation.

P.S. I really need to switch to powershell, but batch is so much fun

The New, The Fabulous, Doza Does It

I tried to make a serious blog but I decided I really don’t want to do serious stuff. I do serious stuff all day long so this is just for fun. occasionally I might write a more serious article but it will probably be more just frivolous crap. because you know what the Internet is full of crap so what is a little more.